General terms

All illustrations and covers will have a watermark, can be removed at an extra charge to the initial amount.
• Prices are subject to change depending on the difficulty.
• I have the right to refuse any assignment.
• Illustration wips/advances may be requested only if requested in advance.
• Making changes to the drawing after completion (for reasons not related to a mistake made by me), will only be possible with an extra payment.
• Credit must be given for the creation of the commissioned piece.


• Payments are made through Paypal or bank transfer ( from a certain amount). Any extra charges required by the payment platforms are to be paid by the client.
• Payment can be made either in full (100% before starting the work) or in parts (50% before and 50% at the end).
Work will not start until part of the payment is received.


•The amount to be paid is usually half of the job (50%), if you wish to cancel the order, 25% will be deducted from this amount (or from the total), which will not be returned, due to management reasons. This condition applies to designs not started.•If the work has been started but not completed, **the refund will be partial to the amount worked.•To request cancellation and refund, please contact [email protected].• If for any reason I am unable to start your commission, you will receive a full refund.• If you receive a refund, please do not request a chargeback from Paypal. I will refund you myself.• If you request a chargeback at any time when you have not been allowed to request a refund, you will lose all of the above rights to the commissioned piece and I will have the full right to make additional profit in any way. In addition to that, I will reject the chargeback and provide Paypal with our conversations in which we discussed the commission as evidence that I have completed the work for you.


• You will be notified when your commission has been accepted.
• During revisions, you can request images of the work in progress.
• You get 4 rounds of changes in the first sketch, 2 rounds of changes in the color proofs and you get 2 rounds of changes in the final piece included in the price. Once the sketch is approved the color proof will continue and after that the piece will be finished with the rendering.• If you exceed the limit of changes granted and want more, an extra charge will be made.•If you want a change that completely alters the original idea this change will be taken as a new commission; with new dates and new amount to be paid.• The time it takes to complete your commission varies from 4 weeks to a month and a half, depending on factors such as health, complexity of the commissioned piece and other commissions at work. If any inconvenience arises that delays the progress and the initially estimated delivery time, I will let you know as soon as possible.• Once the work is finished you will have to make the rest of the payment (if you have decided to pay in two parts) and so I will proceed to send the files in high resolution to your email through a google drive folder.


•The commissioner will be required to credit the work to the illustrator, i.e. acknowledge Victoria Cavalieri, @weirdowithluv on social media.•Credits should be given on the platform where the artwork is uploaded.


I, Vic (the artist), claimed the rights to the drawing produced, not the buyer. Therefore, I can use the copyrighted illustration for:•I will retain the rights to each image produced. The payment is for the creation of a custom piece, not to transfer the rights.•The final work may be published by myself on any of my social networks or pages (always indicating that said drawing is a commission), unless otherwise specified.The work will not be used by me for resale through digital or physical products, unless explicit permission or request for it is granted.•I reserve full rights to the image and its use/distribution unless otherwise agreed.•Buyer may do the following:•Use the commissioned piece for the following purposes.•Use the commissioned piece for personal use and/or commercial use (the latter having been agreed upon in advance).•Print the artwork and claim the characters as their own, but not the artwork itself.
Using the artwork to promote yourself.
•The following are considered copyright infringements: ** -Reproducing/using the artwork to promote yourself.•Reproducing / using the copyrighted artwork commercially without prior agreement.•Removing my signature from the artwork without prior discussion.•Altering the design without my consent.


• If you have any problems regarding the commissioned piece, please inform me immediately so that we can find a solution together.
• I am willing to change some of my terms for you if you request it before you begin your commission. If, for example, you don't want me to publish your art anywhere, we can discuss that in advance or if you want me not to share leaks we can discuss that as well.

Special edition for @dazzlingbookishshop
Seamos Un Para Siempre

commission status:open


Headshot   bust   halfbody      fullbody   +character

    $35        $40        $55             $65           %75

  • Price may change depending on complexity

  • Simple backgrounds with one or more colors, simple patterns or gradients are free of charge.

  • Detailed backgrounds have an extra cost depending on difficulty

  • If you wish to use the commission for commercial use the price will increase by 40%.


  • Price may change depending on complexity

  • Simple backgrounds with one or more colors, simple patterns or gradients are free of charge.

  • Detailed backgrounds have an extra cost depending on difficulty

  • If you wish to use the commission for commercial use the price will increase by 40%.


Illustrated cover from 140 USD

For publishing house or self-publication. With or without flaps

digital covers

Illustrated cover starting at 30 USD

\Prices vary according to difficulty.

Basic information and FAQs

  • It takes approximately 4 weeks to a month and a half to deliver the commission. If something unexpected happens that delays delivery, I will let you know (I may take longer if I have previous commissions).

  • Please let me know if you have a deadline.

  • The progress will be provided as the commission is made. (In terms of sketches you can ask for all kinds of changes, however at the time of painting there is a limit of changes). Check the terms & conditions section for more information.

  • The commission will be delivered to you in JPG, PNG and PDF in an HD drive file with watermark. Covers and covers include a free mockup.

  • In case of uploading the commission somewhere, give the corresponding credits.

  • If the commission is for commercial use, must advise in advance.

  • Payment must be made before starting the commission. It can be made in two parts (50% before and 50% after) or 100% in full.

  • Payment will be made only by Paypal, must include both the client's name and the description of the commission | Example.[ Jane (instagram) / Full body + BG].


  • Don't you have a clear idea? You can contact me through my networks or via email to get an idea together. Once we have a fixed idea I will be sending you a quote. Please read the commissions and terms & conditions sections, both are important.

  • If I want the commission in different formats? Commissions are delivered in JPG, PNG and PDF. If you want formats other than these you can let me know.

  • Where can I contact you? By email [email protected] or any of my social networks.

  • Do you have a list of what you draw and what you don't?


I can't

Original characters
fan art
gore\ nsfw light

Excessive gore
hyper realism

  • If you have more questions, you can ask them through my networks or via email.

Victoria Cavalieri

weirdo with luv

Victoria is a freelance artist focused on book covers and character-based illustrations, as well as fantasy art and comics. She loves books, 2000s romcoms, cats and alternative indie music.
She has done a large selection of covers, illustrations and merchandise for major editorials and authors. She has worked with Penguin Random House, Editorial Planeta, LES editorial Dazzlingbookishshop, and others.